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careful habits of saving fractions of pennies

Aug 20


I remember this song from my early Italian classes, in primary school! it’s so cute, you should watch the video and sing along.

Il caffè della Peppina

Il caffè della Peppina
non si beve alla mattina
né col latte né col tè
ma perché, perché, perché?

La Peppina fa il caffè
fa il caffè con la cioccolata
poi ci mette la marmellata
mezzo chilo di cipolle
quattro o cinque caramelle
sette ali di farfalle
e poi dice: “Che caffè!!!”

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Aug 19

Eros Ramazzotti, “Più Bella Cosa” (1997)

Com’è cominciata io non saprei
la storia infinita con te  
che sei diventata la mia lei
di tutta una vita per me

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Aug 18

Aug 17

Aug 16

Aug 10

August Duolingo

So it’s clear that roommate-dynamics are going to prevent me from keeping a strict budget this month (and thereby exorcizing my displaced-anxiety-via-controlling-minor-things demons). So now I’m turning to Duolingo.

Spanish: Level 10.
Italian: Level 3.

(I tried dipping back into my French tree, but nope, and I’d prefer to embark on Italian at the moment.)

Aug 8

August Budget

Today’s Expenditures
White Rice, 3 lbs: $4.31
Goya Black Beans, 2 cans: $1.54
Peanut Butter: $2.00
Oats: $1.99
Carrots, 2 lbs: $1.99

Total: $11.83
Daily Average: $7.51
Remaining: $12.46

Aug 7

August Non-Budget

My portion of a birthday dinner of Korean BBQ: $32.00
Movie ticket for Snowpiercer: $9.50
Small cherry Coke and some Junior Mints:$6.00

Consuming unwise amounts of fried meat and then watching a sci-fi allegory about capitalism with explosions with my friends: Priceless (or possibly $47.50)

Aug 6

August Budget

Today’s Expenditures
Quarters for the Laundry Gods: $3.50

Bananas: $1.35 (.69/lb)
Quart of Milk: $1.49
Dozen Eggs: $1.99
Loaf of Bread: $1.99
(aka: assorted offerings to the sharehouse gods)

Bustelo Coffee: $3.39
Avocado: $1.00

Total: $14.71
Daily Average: $6.43
Remaining: $24.29

(I’ve decided I’m not going to count tonight’s adventures in this weekly budget — there’ll be some check-splitting and much celebrating, and it’s not worth agonizing over the nickels — but I’ll write it up later for the purpose of tracking my expenses.)

Aug 5

August Budget

Today’s Expenditures
The cheapest roll of paper-towels from Rite-Aid: $1.00 
Four rolls of the cheapest toilet paper from Rite-Aid: $1.00 
(Yes, I am aware this is penny-wise and pound-foolish; for this week, that’s where I have to be.)
Six-pack of beer: $9.00 (My contribution to a group dinner.)

Total: $11.00
Daily Average: $3.67
Remaining: $38.00

Looking ahead: I have a feeling that tomorrow and a certain long-planned festivity is going to wreck my fragile little budget, but we’ll see!

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